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Lazy Sunday: Sad New Dispatches from the Increasingly Most Marginally Engaging Man in the World

August 4, 2013


I usually eschew the first person on this blog, not out of any innate sense of modesty but because it implies I’m speaking to an actual audience. A better analogy for what goes on here might be this: me standing in the Housewares aisle at Target, making non-sequitur announcements through a bullhorn while people shop […]

We’re Number 8,124,118!!! Here’s How We’re Celebrating Our New, Improved Alexa Ranking

August 24, 2012


I had never known about the existence of the Alexa rankings until 5 days ago. If you’ve never heard of them- the Alexa rankings are a statistical ranking of websites based on analytics devised by Alexa- a company that bills itself as “the web information company.” I was made hip to this little nugget of […]

Sexist Blog Post Offending Every Woman Who Reads It, Sources Report

July 5, 2012


A blog post made headlines Thursday when it began spontaneously generating its own sexist content and offending every female to come in contact with it. The post’s author, who chose to remain anonymous, apologized for the lack of oversight but explained to authorities that his original non-sexist post had been compromised, its words randomly deleted […]

5 Reasons Top 10 Lists Have Become the No.1 Hindrance to Workplace Productivity

June 15, 2012


According to a recent Gallup poll, Top Ten Lists have eclipsed kittens, talking cats, lite beer, sex, chili, and ice cubes as America’s new number 1 most favorite thing. Many Americans are claiming they can’t get through a single day without reading at least 7 of them and they’re seeking them out in alarming numbers. […]

Epic Fail (Vol.1); My Skyword Rejection

June 29, 2011


As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I’m just starting to gain some traction with this ‘freelance writing’ thing. Having gotten a few articles published (see the post re: ‘Content Mills’ to understand how loosely I use the terms ‘article’ and ‘published’) through Demand Media Studios I thought I’d throw a hook out and see if […]

Content Mills; Further Proof that Satan Is Alive and Well and Walking Among Us

June 29, 2011


So, it’s been a couple weeks since I began a new pseudo career in freelance writing/adver-hackery with Demand Media Studios. If you’re not familiar with DMS you’re probably familiar, or have at least occasionally stumbled upon, the ‘eHow’ website, which uses articles written around Google search engine queries to entangle readers in sticky pools of […]