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Why Airlines Should Hire Mimes to Give the In-Flight Safety Demo

July 20, 2014


Observations from a recent plane trip to FLA… I’ve never understood why airlines don’t hire mimes to do the in-flight safety demonstration. Seems like such a missed opportunity. Can’t you picture a mime walking you through the life vest safety procedure with his invisible safety vest? He’d be pulling the invisible safety cords, then making […]

Give the Gift of New England This Halloween — A Special Offer from Bay State Language Systems

October 24, 2013


Bay State Language Systems, the country’s leading training authority in the upper-Northeastern linguistic sciences, is proud to bring you an offer that will transform this year’s Halloween into a frighteningly original all-ages celebration for the entire family. How often have you said to yourself, “You know, all the good Halloween costumes are taken.” Let Bay […]

Bay State Language Systems- Lesson 2: “Get the Fack Outta Heeyah” And Other Expressions of Endearment

October 7, 2011


Welcome back! Thanks for joining us for Lesson 2 in Bay State Language Systems’ free introduction to the Upper Northeastern linguistic sciences. We hope you enjoyed learning all about Molly Corning’s contributions to New England history in Lesson 1. In this lesson, we’ll begin to delve a little deeper into the tips and tricks that will […]

The Mass Pike; A Love Story

July 1, 2011


I spent ten years commuting from Central Mass. to Boston on a regular basis. Like anyone who’s ever had a lengthy commute can tell you, there are pros and cons to spending that 2-3 hours in your car every day. On the pro side, you won’t mind having some extra time to mentally prepare when […]