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This Week on Amish Mafia

May 2, 2013


This week on Amish Mafia: Jeremiah brings his Gun of the Hand to the Lancaster rumschpringa and says, “Ich bin die…” to Lindy Lengacher and the Herschberger-Schwartz clan. And the Swartzendruber sisters are on a bender — up to their bonnets in black-market wicker and gingham until a police chase ends in a buggy bust-up […]

Big Bird to Moderate Tonight’s Presidential Debate; Missing Jim Lehrer Feared Euthanized

October 9, 2012


PBS executives today announced plans to install iconic muppet Big Bird in the moderator’s chair for Tuesday night’s presidential debate. In related events, Thursday’s previously scheduled moderator – CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley – and former moderator Jim Lehrer, are both reported missing. Big Bird, the feathery, relentlessly upbeat 8-foot yellow muppet of unknown […]

AFLAC Duck Eaten by French Tourists in Tragic Case of Mistaken Identity

May 22, 2012


Los Angeles, CA Mickey Jay Finster, the diminutive, bird-shaped actor best known for his recurring role as The Duck in the AFLAC Insurance ads, has passed away; devoured by a group of inebriated French tourists at a corner table of Los Angeles eatery Empress Cho Garden Monday. Preliminary reports indicate the actor, still in costume after […]

Scientists Expect Planet Earth to Be Under Kardashian Kontrol By 2037

December 17, 2011


Citing statistical likelihoods and other predictable models of human behavior, Colgate University research scientists are postulating that TV’s Kardashian family will rule planet Earth by the mid-21st century. “We’re just beginning to see the first signs of this now,” warns Dale Berryman, associate professor of media sciences in Colgate’s Center for Reality Television Studies. “Our […]

The Road to New Orleans

November 8, 2011


If you haven’t seen Tremé, the HBO series from Wire-creator David Simon, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Set in New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, it’s an Altman-esque patchwork of overlapping characters and story lines that creates a compelling narrative around the city’s struggle to rebuild. As someone who […]

34th Anniversary of William Shatner’s “Rocketman” to Be Observed at This Year’s Sci-Fi Awards

September 20, 2011


No, he’s never won an Oscar but it looks like William Shatner may finally be getting some very overdue recognition for past work. The Science Fiction Film Awards are preparing to honor the 80 year old actor  in January to mark the 34th anniversary of his performance of Elton John’s “Rocketman” at the 2nd Sci […]

100 Words On: Davey and Goliath

July 19, 2011


Tough to describe this. If you’re of a certain age though, no description should be necessary. If you lived a secular life as a child in the 70’s, meaning if your Sunday mornings didn’t revolve around church or church-going activities, the Davey and Goliath show was your nemesis, the televised equivalent of being strapped to a […]

100 Words On: The Taco Bell Piano Guy

July 9, 2011


You probably don’t recognize him now, but he had his moment in the sun a few months ago when Taco Bell rolled out the spots for their ‘Quad Steak’ burrito. This is the man who stared into the face of one of the moldiest comic clichés in existence, the unctuous lounge singer, and refused to […]

100 Words On: The Snapple Guy

June 30, 2011


You’ve seen him in the Snapple ads and in bit parts in TV and movies, not to mention a gajilion commericals. His name is James Michael Connor and he’s probably one of those actors who will forever live in the margins of the entertainment world, doomed to be a guy whose face always rings a […]