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Fox & Friends Blows Lid Off Obama’s Secret Underground Alien Sex Colony

October 9, 2013


New York, NY The Fox News Network’s morning show: Fox & Friends, continued a recent hot streak Wednesday when host Steve Doocy revealed details of an underground alien sex colony in Kenya operated by President Obama and other top Democrats. “President Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal harem have, for years, been re-routing defense department […]

Batman and Akin; the Continuing Adventures

August 22, 2012


Nominated for “One Lovely Blog” Award, Furious Machine Disappears on Bender

July 19, 2012


Boston, MA Friends and family of WordPress blogger Furious Machine fear for his safety and well-being after he left a trail of destruction Wednesday night through greater Boston and Massachusetts’ Metro West. “We just want Furious to know that, no matter what he’s done, it’s okay to come home,” said a distraught Gloria Machine to […]

Area Man Weighs In on That Whole “Men Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds” Thing

July 2, 2012


Syracuse accountant Stanley Diefenbacher announced Tuesday that he thinks about sex “two or three times a day,” and not every seven seconds as he’s been told is typical. Unsure as to what this admission says about his virility, Diefenbacher is increasingly concerned that news of his low-wattage sexual imagination will cause friends and family to […]