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Why Airlines Should Hire Mimes to Give the In-Flight Safety Demo

July 20, 2014


Observations from a recent plane trip to FLA… I’ve never understood why airlines don’t hire mimes to do the in-flight safety demonstration. Seems like such a missed opportunity. Can’t you picture a mime walking you through the life vest safety procedure with his invisible safety vest? He’d be pulling the invisible safety cords, then making […]

Angry Mime Upset No One Appreciating How Angry He Really Is

June 21, 2012


Cincinnati, OH Monsieur Misto, a Cincinnati street performer famous for haunting the picnic areas of Fernbank Park, revealed Tuesday that his love affair with the art of mime is over as he now finds it an inadequate medium through which to express the full depth of his rage and hostility towards the world. Misto, commonly […]