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An Idea Worth Considering: Tom Waits for President

August 9, 2016


It’s here again: presidential general election season. Time, once more, to suffer through those ridiculous talking points and attack ads as the usual passel of rented baboons tries to bum-rush the electorate and steal the brass ring. It’s enough to make your brain go soft. Is Tom Waits such an outrageous choice for President? Can […]

New Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist ‘Enjoying the Ride’

May 9, 2013


Jacksonville, FL Three months ago, Jimmy Lynn Montgomery was just happy to be scratching out a living on the southern club circuit. After two decades lost to alcohol and substance abuse problems, he knew he was lucky to be alive and making music at all, even at backwoods roadhouses for $50 a night. Today, as […]

Keef Chronicles: The Keith Richards Reader

August 2, 2012


Last June, a funny thing happened: two people got together for dinner. One was a former U.S. President, state governor, law school graduate and general all-around “doer of good deeds” who has dedicated his life, with a few notable transgressions, to public service. The other was a former junkie of spectacular notoriety, founding member of […]

Whitney Houston and the Star-Making Machine

February 13, 2012


It doesn’t quite rate “where were you when you heard?” status- she’d become too much of a tired punchline over the last few years- but it was still a shock to see Whitney Houston’s name go up on the Rock and Roll “they went before their time” masthead Saturday night. Obviously, I use the term […]

The Road to New Orleans

November 8, 2011


If you haven’t seen Tremé, the HBO series from Wire-creator David Simon, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Set in New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, it’s an Altman-esque patchwork of overlapping characters and story lines that creates a compelling narrative around the city’s struggle to rebuild. As someone who […]

Amy Winehouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

July 26, 2011


Amy Winehouse passed away Saturday. The cause of death is still undetermined but the coroner’s report is likely to contain words like “toxicity,” “intoxicant,” and “narcotic.”  It may contain all three. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with a television or an internet connection — with more methods for delivering salacious details to […]

Blogger Sets Record Straight: Journey Not Being Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

July 18, 2011


WordPress blogger Furious Machine, blithely unaware that his snarky post about the apocalyptic unlikelihood of the band Journey ever being elected to the Rock Hall of Fame was in danger of being misinterpreted by 2 0r 3 unsuspecting Googlists, set the record straight in a new post shortly before bursting into flames as the elliptical […]

Secret Service Agent Gives Account of Clinton, Richards Summit in Lower East Side Eatery

July 13, 2011


On June 8th, former President Bill Clinton and Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards were spotted exiting the NYC eatery Craft after an informal night of dinner and cocktails. While a quick picture snapped outside the restaurant has been, up to now, the only evidence of the meeting (read related musings by one of our staff […]

Keef and Bill Re-Enact ‘My Dinner With Andre’

July 8, 2011


First saw this picture in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Great caption, too: “Spying police outside, Richards talked Clinton into carrying his doggy bag.” And that got my mind to thinking… It’s difficult trying to imagine these two debating the Iranian nuclear dilemma over snackies and drinks at some chi chi New York supper […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Induct David Hasselhoff, Journey

July 7, 2011


Representatives of the multinational entertainment conglomerate Dante Seven Unlimited announced today that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has added the band Journey and solo artist David Hasselhoff to its roster of 2011 inductees. Rufus Van Horn, media representative for public relations firm Seven Layer Fire, LLC, made the announcement from atop a shiny red […]