Fox & Friends Blows Lid Off Obama’s Secret Underground Alien Sex Colony

Posted on October 9, 2013


New York, NY

fox & friends falseThe Fox News Network’s morning show: Fox & Friends, continued a recent hot streak Wednesday when host Steve Doocy revealed details of an underground alien sex colony in Kenya operated by President Obama and other top Democrats.

“President Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal harem have, for years, been re-routing defense department funds to a secret bunker in Nairobi, Kenya. This secret bunker, besides being the bunker where the president was born, is also an alien sex bunker where high-ranking liberals go to have sex with extraterrestrials who don’t believe in Jesus.”

Doocy, citing confidential sources from Weekly World News and, vouched for the veracity of his story, pointing to Fox & Friends impeccable reputation for journalistic integrity.

In related news, the morning show’s crack team of investigative journalists, holed up in a local Starbucks since Monday, continues to furiously scour the interwebs for salacious Obama nuggets and hassle-free porn.

“We’re on it,” says lead investigator Eric Shubby, ordering another quad espresso as he wonders if he left his hand lotion back at the office.

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