This Week on Amish Mafia

Posted on May 2, 2013


Amish MafiaThis week on Amish Mafia:

Jeremiah brings his Gun of the Hand to the Lancaster rumschpringa and says, “Ich bin die…” to Lindy Lengacher and the Herschberger-Schwartz clan.

And the Swartzendruber sisters are on a bender — up to their bonnets in black-market wicker and gingham until a police chase ends in a buggy bust-up that’s sure to break Abe’s bank, if Martha making maemm with Mark Martin’s Mennonite mailman doesn’t do it first!

Tune in for more suspender-stealing, beard-growing, grain-storing action on the next episode of Amish Mafia!


*Note: I am in no way affiliated with the show Amish Mafia, its producers or its parent network. The information presented above is pure bullcrap. I made it up because the phrase Amish Mafia titillates me to no end and I break into helpless snort-giggles every time I think about it. People, seriously: someone put the words Amish and Mafia together and built a show around them! Holy shit!

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