Beef Ice Cream; It’s What’s for Dessert

Posted on March 11, 2013


beef_ice_creamGreat ideas are born every day. Sometimes, they’re born of need (think of the cotton gin or the printing press). Sometimes, they’re born of necessity (the catapult, the ball peen hammer, my tin foil Hello Venus! helmet) and sometimes they’re just born, *poof,* out of someone’s brain for no other reason than just because.

I’d like to think that my idea for a beef ice cream line is just that kind of hatchling. You might not need beef ice cream in your life right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need it sometime soon. I’d like to be there for you when you do.

Yes, I agree, it sounds slightly disgusting (don’t dwell on it too much — your brain will start kvetching at the icky textural ramifications and cleave itself to get away) but I guarantee you’ll come around once you see the flavors I’m proposing for my: Furious Beef: Delicious Meat Ice Cream! ® franchise:

  • Cookies and Chuck
  • NY Strip Steakerdoodle
  • Mocha Bolognese
  • Heavenly Wellington
  • Toffee Burger Crunch
  • Chocolate Chocolate Brisket Chip
  • Fudge Reuben
  • Cheezy Peppermint Shoulder
  • BBQ Shaved Steak Cheddar Biscuit Bomb Sherbert

Did I miss anything?

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