Cartoon Man Flips Off Brooklyn Hipster, Escapes Into Night

Posted on July 3, 2012


Brooklyn, NY

A cartoon drawing of a ’50s husband took umbrage with a Brooklyn hipster’s condescending comments Wednesday, springing to life and making lewd gestures before scrambling out an open window and disappearing into the night.

The trouble began when 32 year-old graphic designer Barbara Sayles stumbled upon a ’50s-era home economics textbook left behind by a previous tenant in her Williamsburg apartment. Leafing through the book with curious apprehension, Sayles was particularly disturbed to find a section entitled “Making Him Happy- A Good Wife Is the Key to Every Successful Marriage,” featuring a cartoon husband-and-wife team acting out scenes of ’50s domestic living.

Her ire piqued by the parade of arcane mid-20th century gender stereotypes on display, Sayles took one look at the smugly-drawn husband and remarked, “Well, aren’t you just the cutest fucking thing,” her voice hot with emasculating sarcasm. Shockingly, the husband swiveled his head, stood up from his cartoon la-z-boy recliner and shouted, “Right here, lady!” extending his middle finger and breaking into a wicked grin.

An enraged Sayles proceeded to chase the scurrilously illustrated man from page to page, nipping at his heels but failing to capture her inky tormentor who finally flung himself onto an adjacent table and dashed out the living room window, never to be seen again.

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