Blogger Sets Record Straight: Journey Not Being Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted on July 18, 2011


WordPress blogger Furious Machine, blithely unaware that his snarky post about the apocalyptic unlikelihood of the band Journey ever being elected to the Rock Hall of Fame was in danger of being misinterpreted by 2 0r 3 unsuspecting Googlists, set the record straight in a new post shortly before bursting into flames as the elliptical nature of his self-reference warped the space/time continuum and trapped him near the circle of inner thought.

The blogger, acting quickly after jettisoning the molten Quarter Pounder with Cheese in his left hand, was able to douse the flames with a half-full can of malt liquor, causing the entire room to smell like a wet buffalo tending a barbecue pit.

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